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Re: [bug-gv] [task #8675] speed up gv response time on macos when X is n

From: Bernhard R. Link
Subject: Re: [bug-gv] [task #8675] speed up gv response time on macos when X is not running
Date: Sat, 27 Sep 2008 18:10:45 +0200
User-agent: Mutt/1.5.13 (2006-08-11)

* Markus Steinborn <address@hidden> [080927 08:55]:
> Ryan Schmidt noticed when gv is run when there is no X server running (e.g.
> on Mac OS X Tiger when X11.app is not open), it takes 6 seconds to tell me
> anything.

Trying to connect to an X server not running is normal to take long, as
libX11 tries multiple times to be sure the server is not just currently
too busy to accept connections.

On normal systems that is no problem at all, as with no X server no
DISPLAY variable is set, so no X server is tried (After all, who should
know which X server to try and if that really is trustworthy?).

Looking at the description it looks like DISPLAY is set anyway there,
either by the user or perhaps even by default on the system, and there
is little gv can do against that. (Note that having DISPLAY set and no
X server running means anyone can start a fake X server under that
number and thus control any X programs you start by chance, so do not
set DISPLAY to something nonexistant unless you are the only one on this
computer (including accounts some services might be running as)).

> $ time gv --version
> gv 3.6.6
> real    0m6.013s
> user    0m0.003s
> sys     0m0.009s

For noninteractive commands one could perhaps move the option parsing
before the X stuff, perhaps after checking nothing could be gotten reset
by that...

        Bernhard R. Link

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