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Re: [bug-gv] Page selector window does not show all page numbers

From: Juha Takala
Subject: Re: [bug-gv] Page selector window does not show all page numbers
Date: Tue, 20 May 2008 20:30:06 +0300

Markus Steinborn writes on 20.5.2008 10:00:35:
 > Hi Juha,
 > On Mon, 19 May 2008, Juha Takala wrote:
 > > BUT...  With this test file, it is very deterministic to crash my X 
 > > session,
 > > when I try to view page 1639!
 > Works for me here.

I /cry ... :)

 > > The debian system where this happens is up to date according to 
 > > synaptic.
 > Perheps the X-Server runs out of memory -- because of a resource limit it 
 > is started? A Scrollbar with 2000 Page numbers is not a small object.
 > > Can you give instructions to collect relevant info concerning the X 
 > > stuff?
 > valgrind gv test.ps 2>&1 > log1.txt
 >     (quite slow, display the page 1639)
 > strace `which gv` test.ps 2>&1 > log2.txt
 >     (again display page 1639)
 > ulimit -a
 >     (shows the resource limits of newly created processes from the
 >      current shell, they may be the same as those used for the X-Server
 >      or not, but they may provide a first hint.)
 > _may_ give you an idea. Beside this, I have no idea at the moment. But 
 > wait: Have you examined /var/log/Xorg*.log (if you're using Xorg, 
 > otherwise similar filename)?

The attached file attachement.tgz contains folloging files in gzipped tar

testit = New version of the program to create the test.ps file.  Just one
line per page is now produced, and so the comman line argument is actually
the number of pages prduced, and the test files are smaller in kB.

test.ps = file that I used in these tests.

I used valgrind with following options:
 valgrind --leak-check=full -v gv test.ps > log1?.txt 2>&1

log1a.txt = valgrind output from testcase where I caused the crash
log1b.txt = valgrind output from testcase where I avoided to cause crash

I used following command to get strace log:
 strace `which gv` test.ps > log2.txt 2>&1

log2.txt = strace output from the case where the crash happens (not same as

Xorg.0.log = my current /var/log/Xorg.0.log

ulimit.out = output result of ulimit -a > ulimit.out

The crash seems to happen, when the pagenumber scrollbar window wants to
higlight page number 1639 (which is not there).

Crash will happen if I try to choose that point in scrollbar by mouse, or
when i sroll up/down by keyboard commands (PageUp/PageDown) AND that
position in scrollbar window should be visible.  It will not crash if the
point of page number 1639 is outside scrollbar window, or if I scroll
up/down on other pages even if their numbers should be in the scrolbar

Crash will not happen, if I jump directly to last page (by keyboard
End-key), and then scroll up (by keyboard PageUp).  This way I am able to
see the contents of the pages.  Even when there are more than 1639 pages in
the document.

The pagenumber scrollbar is OK (all page numbers are visible) if the
document has 1638 or less pages, but turns blind (I can uncover the
pagenumbers by mousing over them, though), when the document has 1639 or
more pages.

Size = 1638 seems to be maximum size, that the scrollbar widget can handle
correctly, on my system.

Looks like X scrollbar widget problem?


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 > Greetings
 > Markus Steinborn

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