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[bug-gv] Page selector window does not show all page numbers

From: Juha Takala
Subject: [bug-gv] Page selector window does not show all page numbers
Date: Sat, 17 May 2008 14:10:06 +0300


I am a looong time user for gv.  It is excellent tool for me to view
postcript documents on my linux computers.  Thank you.

I have though found some unwanted features in gv: I have a largish file,
produced by latex + dvips, with several sections, each starting the
numbering from 1, and having pages as:

 1 (coverpage) + 5 (preface) + 523 (index) + 1548 (text) = 2077 (total)

At start, gv does dot display the page numbers in the left side window
intended for page selection.  Only after I move mouse in that window, the
page numbers become visible.

Another problem is that after page 1 + 5 + 523 + 1109 = 1638, the page
numbers will not be shown at all.  The pages are there, I can e.g. move to
the last page of document by <End> key.

Not having the page numbers in the left window, makes it impossible to jump
directly to a page in that part of document, and having the page numbers
"hidden", makes to navigation harder (I have to "dig" the numers with

This happens in several different environments, latest is Kubuntu 8.04 with
gv 3.6.3, another is a Debian system with gv 3.6.2.

I will be happy to give more details, if needed.


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