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bug#51696: Request: Adopt the unofficial GUIX community on Matrix

From: Maxim Cournoyer
Subject: bug#51696: Request: Adopt the unofficial GUIX community on Matrix
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2021 00:40:35 -0500
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-CC support@matrix.org (since my reply here doesn't need to involve them)


Jacob Hrbek <kreyren@rixotstudio.cz> writes:

>> What is the difference between a Matrix space and a Matrix channel? -- Maxim
> In the analogy of files and directories: Matrix space is a directory for 
> channels. (see attachment matrix-space.png)
> In the image you can see matrix space called GNU Guix (unofficiality
> disclosed in the description) containing channel #guix #guile
> #guix-offtopic #guix-wiki which are bridged to libera.chat with Guix
> System.. channel on Matrix
>> From my memory the reality is that most of the clients are not quite there 
>> yet... -- Maxim
> That is not my experience I suggest you to try them again and be specific 
> about the issues so that they can be investigated.

I'm curious; have you tried any Matrix client that do not require a
browser or need a large amount of system resources to operate?

>> To really be in full control, ideally we'd have a Shepherd service to 
>> administer it.  Is this something you'd be motivated to work on? -- Maxim
> I need matrix homeserver on Guix myself so it would align with my work
> when I figure out how to maintain a cluster of computers using public
> repository which CI/CD calls guix commands for push-based deployment
> which should be any day now.


>> Moderation is something that I'm a bit worried about; at least
>> speaking for myself I'd want to continue doing it from IRC and it'd
>> need to sync to Matrix transparently, not the other way around.  Is
>> this possible? -- Maxim
> I am not qualified to answer that as I don't do cross-protocol moderation, CC 
> Matrix support

OK, let's see.



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