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bug#51555: bug#51564: [PATCH] gnu: webkitgtk: Fix configure failures.

From: Mark H Weaver
Subject: bug#51555: bug#51564: [PATCH] gnu: webkitgtk: Fix configure failures.
Date: Wed, 03 Nov 2021 14:09:19 -0400

FYI, I pushed commit 9d3a5ddc2700aa099bb1bf9c5e8b3062445b907a to
'master', which fixes the webkitgtk-2.34.1 build on x86_64-linux.  In
addition to the fixes already shown in Liliana's proposed patch,
9d3a5ddc27 also arranges to use clang-11 for compilation.

Unfortunately, the build fails on i686-linux, which is the only system
other than x86_64-linux where webkitgtk-2.32.4 was successfully built.

Note that I tried clang-11 first, because upstream WebKit surely uses
clang for compilation, and it works for building IceCat on Guix, so I
had it hunch that it was a good bet.  However, it would be good to now
try compiling webkitgtk-2.34.1 with a newer version of GCC.  It's
possible that might fix the build on i686-linux.

Anyway, I'm closing this bug.  I'll open another bug to track the
i686-linux issue.


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