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bug#51492: Request to use GNU guix reproducibility bugs data for researc

From: Tobias Geerinckx-Rice
Subject: bug#51492: Request to use GNU guix reproducibility bugs data for research project | University of Waterloo
Date: Wed, 03 Nov 2021 07:12:09 +0100


[CCing Christopher Baines, who may skip straight to the last paragraph because they're probably busy building cool stuff.]

Good luck in your research.

Muhammad Hassan 写道:
Please tell me if there is an API that I can use to scrap the data.


Hm, are you sure that our bug tracker is at all useful here? I doubt it! There are a relative handful of ‘foo isn't reproducible’ bugs but they're the opposite of comprehensive or standardised. There are no categories nor labels nor automated closings when an issue is fixed.

I think what you really want is this[0] (source: [1]).

Mouth-watering indeed!

One problem: the Package Reproducibility page is gone :-( I'm surprised: it was still there a few months ago. Christopher, is this deliberate? If so, is there any way we could help bring it back? Is the historical data safe and is new data still tracked?

Kind regards,


[0]: https://guix.gnu.org/static/blog/img/data-guix-patches-package-reproducibility.png [1]: https://guix.gnu.org/eo/blog/2020/introduction-to-the-guix-data-service-the-missing-blog-post

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