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bug#39671: Something appears to disable linux kernel modules from loadin

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: bug#39671: Something appears to disable linux kernel modules from loading.
Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2020 22:31:32 +0100
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Joshua Branson <address@hidden> skribis:

> After I rebooted sway refused to start.  The sway error message said
> #+BEGIN_SRC sh
> $ sway
> [backend/backend.c:339] Failed to open any DRM device.
> [sway/server.c] Unable to create backend.
> So sway is not starting.  I believe this is because my i915 intel
> driver is not loaded.  I know this is the case, because the text on my
> virtual console is LARGE.  $ sudo modprobe i915 loads the required
> driver. And I can now log into sway.
> However, my ethernet driver is not loaded.

On IRC, tsmish posted this bisect log:

--8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
 1 git bisect start                                                             
 2 # bad: [bfb6c393b91dc4a236678a0682348d5b7bd77193] gnu: gwl: Build with Guile 
 3 git bisect bad bfb6c393b91dc4a236678a0682348d5b7bd77193                      
 4 # good: [d98f7fdabe27f3441f317af3e7f5a979edf5d741] remove sane-backends from 
wine inputs for now 
 5 git bisect good d98f7fdabe27f3441f317af3e7f5a979edf5d741                     
 6 # good: [505b2631a9c35bbaa5ba6771ad4f646086f23cad] gnu: le-certs: Update 
input hashes.           
 7 git bisect good 505b2631a9c35bbaa5ba6771ad4f646086f23cad                     
 8 # bad: [b4e0166e2d7d9d4b57e1caeb026936f957858ec9] gnu: Add rust-quasi-0.32.  
 9 git bisect bad b4e0166e2d7d9d4b57e1caeb026936f957858ec9                      
10 # bad: [d46646d9c772fb699ca24a56f815695eecdcb513] gnu: python-blinker: Use 
HTTPS home page.      
11 git bisect bad d46646d9c772fb699ca24a56f815695eecdcb513                      
12 # good: [9469ab532fe561b8bb679ba8bf08f1c1f5f9374a] gnu: ddclient: Update 
home page.              
13 git bisect good 9469ab532fe561b8bb679ba8bf08f1c1f5f9374a                     
14 # good: [3603f5536ee0223f2e15ca6c518ab922030646dd] gnu: wabt: Use Texinfo 
15 git bisect good 3603f5536ee0223f2e15ca6c518ab922030646dd                     
16 # bad: [205c1e04e04b9a9338c7219ff82bd13f000fb8c8] gnu: shepherd: Update to 
17 git bisect bad 205c1e04e04b9a9338c7219ff82bd13f000fb8c8                      
--8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---

What does “cat /proc/sys/kernel/modprobe” return on the broken system?

I would expect 8b9cad01e9619f53dc5a65892ca6a09ca5de3447 to be suspect #1
because it potentially leads to ‘LINUX_MODULE_DIRECTORY’ being unset in
places where it used to be set before.

> Man I love guix system.  It really does work smoothly, even when you
> have problems.  So thanks for making a great GNU/Linux distro!

Heh.  :-)


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