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bug#39646: GNOME desktop experience regressions

From: Raghav Gururajan
Subject: bug#39646: GNOME desktop experience regressions
Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2020 12:12:16 -0500

Hi Andy!

> That led me to look and I think there are a number of other
> regressions:
>   * pinentry-gnome3 is no longer included; this breaks use of GPG and
>     GNOME
>   * font-cantarell and font-dejavu are no longer included; probably
> not
>     a good idea?
>   * xdg-user-dirs is no longer included, which means that fresh
> installs
>     likely no longer create the ~/Documents directories as they
> should;
>     see c20cd0d24d9b5e8a47b864db9799e0992ffd44b9
>   * I suspect that the removal of gnome-themes-standard and
>     hicolor-icon-theme may also pose some problems but am not sure.
>   * Likewise Guix users of the GNOME desktop service will probably
> want
>     pulseaudio and zenity.
> Now, I understand wanting the "GNOME" package to reflect exactly what
> upstream says is part of GNOME.  Great.  But the desktop is a
> separate
> thing.  Perhaps what we did before was an error in conflating the
> gnome
> meta-package with the desktop; should we define a different
> metapackage
> or package list for the GNOME desktop service?

Thanks for your email.

Yes, I removed those packages from 'gnome' meta-package as it did not
reflect the upstream. I did it to avoid confusion on what to expect
when any user sees a meta-package named just 'gnome'. But you are
right, there is no one size that fits all. I am already working on to
create two different meta-packages 'gnome' and 'gnome-minimal'.

Also, packages like fonts and pin-entry can always be installed as
system package. Some packages like gnome-default-applications and
gnome-themes-standard are depracted by gnome project. Their contents
were moved to other gnome core packages.

I am still working on clearing all the hickups on gnome experience in
guix. I will look into whether dedicated meta-package is required for
desktop service.


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