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bug#35900: Can't logout and login again

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: bug#35900: Can't logout and login again
Date: Fri, 31 May 2019 23:32:43 +0200
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Hi Philip,

address@hidden (Philip K.) skribis:

> I've reinstalled the system multiple times with different DE's (LXQt,
> Mate, XFCE) and DM's (slim, GDM), but the issue persists: The first time
> I try to login, it works, everything is loaded the way I'd expect it,
> but as soon as I install anyting (using "guix install ...") and *then*
> log out, and try to log in again, the screen just blinks and throws me
> back into the login screen of my display manager.
> I've tried changing /etc/config.scm and keeping it the same, reveting
> package instalations, but nothing seems to change anything.

Like Giuseppe wrote, could you share your config.scm file?

What happens if you remove ‘xmonad’ from your profile?

Do you have a ~/.xsession file?  If so, could you share it?

I don’t see any reason off-hand while this would happen (Guix System
installations used SLiM in the past, and have been using GDM by default
for several months now.)

> When running "startx" in a TTY, I get this message, no matter what WM I
> try to use:

Indeed, ‘startx’ is currently not supported.

Thanks for your bug report,

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