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bug#35719: iso-image-install fails

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: bug#35719: iso-image-install fails
Date: Wed, 15 May 2019 12:23:58 +0200
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Hello Danny,

Danny Milosavljevic <address@hidden> skribis:

> /gnu/store/3c4y81fr7r6lk5d4fpx1cyqkl4x64kz5-iso-image-installer-builder:1: 
> FAIL shell and user commands
> ;;; (services (udev term-tty1 console-font-tty1 term-tty2 term-tty6 
> console-font-tty6 console-font-tty2 console-font-tty5 console-font-tty4 
> user-processes syslogd file-system-/dev/pts term-tty4 root-file-system 
> user-homes console-font-tty3 loopback file-system-/gnu/store nscd 
> urandom-seed host-name marionette term-auto guix-daemon root 
> file-system-/dev/shm file-systems user-file-systems term-tty5 term-tty3 
> virtual-terminal))
> /gnu/store/3c4y81fr7r6lk5d4fpx1cyqkl4x64kz5-iso-image-installer-builder:1: 
> FAIL skeletons in home directories
> /gnu/store/3c4y81fr7r6lk5d4fpx1cyqkl4x64kz5-iso-image-installer-builder:2: 
> FAIL getlogin on tty1
> # of expected passes      22
> # of unexpected failures  3

When that happens, you have to look at the .log file in the failed build
tree (we should probably fix that and display that file automatically
upon completion.)

The ‘getlogin’ test was racy, which
8b310793d2b7d3cf5b3a5301423640dcf68e2528 fixes.

For the other tests, I don’t know: they pass for me for
“iso-image-installer”, “encrypted-root-os”, and “btrfs-root-os”.

Could you try again and get the ‘basic.log’ file upon failure?


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