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bug#35722: Filesystem error in the installer

From: Graham Lee
Subject: bug#35722: Filesystem error in the installer
Date: Mon, 13 May 2019 23:01:10 +0100
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Hi folks,

I'm trying to install from the GNU GUIX 1.0.0 ISO, which I've copied to
USB. I pick the graphical installer, run through the language,
timezone, and keyboard choices. Then I either pick "guided" or "guided
with encryption" partition scheme, and I choose one big partition
instead of separate /home. Then the error appears.

I've attached a scaled down photo of the trace, as that was the easiest
way to get it off of the system I'm running on (which isn't networked
at the time of error). For clarity, the error message is:

ice-9/eval.scm:159:9: Unhandled fat16 fs-type

My hardware is a Dell Latitude E7450 and I'm trying to use a (currently
GPT-partitioned) Samsung SSD PM871 mSATA 256GB disk. If the installer
is confused by the existing FAT16 partition, that's the EFI partition.

Presumably I could work around it by repartitioning and removing the
EFI partition before running the installer. If so, should I switch to
an MBR partition table? Or is there a fix, or another workaround?

Thanks for your help,

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