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bug#35521: /gnu/store/c46sn2yfllcfi86p8227wvvr1bxssgxj-mariadb-10.1.38.d

From: Platoxia
Subject: bug#35521: /gnu/store/c46sn2yfllcfi86p8227wvvr1bxssgxj-mariadb-10.1.38.drv - Failing test(s): tokudb_alter_table.hcad_all_add
Date: Fri, 10 May 2019 01:33:50 +0000

This problem persists and is preventing sucessful completion of guix system 
reconfigure for pre-1.0.0 systems (at least mine which is still at kernel 
4.20), not only for those using mariadb but also for anyone using any of the 
544 packages that depend on it; as per the command guix graph 
--type=reverse-package mariadb | grep -c label).

This could, potentially, be fixed by simply adding this test to the list of 
disabled tests in the package definition:

--- snip ---
(add-after 'unpack 'adjust-tests
           (lambda _
             (let ((disabled-tests
                    '(;; These fail because address@hidden == address@hidden in
                      ;; the build environment, causing a user count mismatch.
                      ;; See <https://jira.mariadb.org/browse/MDEV-7761>.

                      ;; This file contains a time bomb which makes it fail 
                      ;; 2030-12-31.  See <https://bugs.gnu.org/34351> for 

                      ;; XXX: Fails sporadically.

                      ;; FIXME: This test fails on i686:
                      ;; -myisampack: Can't create/write to file (Errcode: 17 
"File exists")
                      ;; +myisampack: Can't create/write to file (Errcode: 17 
"File exists)
                      ;; When running "myisampack --join=foo/t3 foo/t1 foo/t2"
                      ;; (all three tables must exist and be identical)
                      ;; in a loop it produces the same error around 1/240 
                      ;; montywi on #maria suggested removing the real_end 
check in
                      ;; "strings/my_vsnprintf.c" on line 503, yet it still 
does not
                      ;; reach the ending quote occasionally.  Disable it for 
                      ;; FIXME: This test fails on armhf-linux:

                   ;; This file contains a list of known-flaky tests for this
                   ;; release.  Append our own items.
                   (unstable-tests (open-file "mysql-test/unstable-tests" "a")))
               (for-each (lambda (test)
                           (format unstable-tests "~a : ~a\n"
                                   test "Disabled in Guix"))
               (close-port unstable-tests)
--- snip ---

I say "potentially" because after getting this failure I happened to notice 
that approximately one and a half minutes after beginning the build of 
/gnu/store/c46sn2yfllcfi86p8227wvvr1bxssgxj-mariadb-10.1.38.drv the kernel 
throws this message: "traps: cmTC_35af5[27766] trap invalid opcode 
ip:555555555174 sp:7fffffffcc90 error:0 in cmTC_35af5[555555555000+1000]".

I have retested this several times and confirmed that this occurs each and 
every time mariadb-10.1.38.drv tries to build and in approximately the same 
amount of time after starting the build. I say approximately because the 
closest I could get to a timeframe on this kernel message in relation to the 
mariadb build is by sending the stdout from guix system reconfigure through 
logger so that it gets printed with a timestamp to the kernel messages terminal 

Specifically, the message sequence is always as follows, without deviation 
(other than the cmTC_#), with no related messages in between; as per the 
command cat /dev/vcs12:

--- snip ---
May  9 16:36:35 localhost root cmd: guix system reconfigure: building 
May  9 16:38:08 localhost vmunix: [ 9169.050496] traps: cmTC_35af5[27766] trap 
invalid opcode ip:555555555174 sp:7fffffffcc90 error:0 in 
--- snip ---

I really suggest trying to simply add the tokudb_alter_table.hcad_all_add test 
to the package definition before trying to solve the overall problem, though. 
Maybe we can get this in for 1.0.1?

I would be willing to do this myself and report the results here but I'm 
baffled at how to achieve this simple task. Perhaps someone could walk me 
through it?

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