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bug#35525: guix-manual proposals

From: znavko
Subject: bug#35525: guix-manual proposals
Date: Wed, 01 May 2019 15:58:52 +0000

Hello! Here it is 'many types of fs', but only one mentioned as example:

#. type: Plain text
#: doc/guix.texi:2268
msgid ""
"Alternatively, you may use a swap file. For example, assuming that in the "
"new system you want to use the file @file{/swapfile} as a swap file, you "
"would address@hidden example will work for many types of file systems (e."
"g., ext4). However, for copy-on-write file systems (e.g., btrfs), the "
"required steps may be different. For details, see the manual pages for "
"@command{mkswap} and @command{swapon}.}:"

Also, writing configuration step is not so easy when using manual installation. I think, there also should be a message with link to 'Graphical Installation', that you can use graphical installation that will generate configuration you need automatically.

#. type: Plain text
#: doc/guix.texi:2315
msgid ""
"@xref{Using the Configuration System}, for an overview of the configuration "
"file. The example configurations discussed in that section are available "
"under @file{/etc/configuration} in the installation image. Thus, to get "
"started with a system configuration providing a graphical display server (a "
"``desktop'' system), you can run something along these lines:"

And also if another language is ready to use (Spanish), need to say it on:

#. type: Plain text
#: doc/guix.texi:117
msgid ""
"This manual is also available in French (@pxref{Top,,, guix.fr, Manuel de "
"référence de GNU Guix}) and German (@pxref{Top,,, guix.de, Referenzhandbuch "
"zu GNU Guix}). If you would like to translate it in your native language, "
"consider joining the @uref{https://translationproject.org/domain/guix-manual."
"html, Translation Project}."

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