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bug#35465: Ocaml-yojson build failing

From: Brett Gilio
Subject: bug#35465: Ocaml-yojson build failing
Date: Sun, 28 Apr 2019 22:15:33 -0500
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Julien Lepiller writes:
> Most likely this is my fault... I thought I rebuilt everything locally 
> though. Yojson can be upgraded to 1.7.0, but I think it caused a build 
> failure in merlin. Can you try?

I actually did give this a try in my channel before sending the
email. You are right, something with Merlin breaks because of Menhir.

I can get menhir to build just fine, but adding it as an input to Merlin
doesnt change the behavior of the compile-time stuff.

So it is a rabbit hole.

If Ricardo is reading this, would you mind taking a look at this issue?


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