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bug#33999: CP437: Invalid Argument on init

From: Bryan Ferris
Subject: bug#33999: CP437: Invalid Argument on init
Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2019 13:18:49 -0800

I assume that it is related because the error is printed once for each failed service but I have no better reason than that. I can send a video of my boot tonight... It might be a little blurry though, all I have is my phone camera. If there's a way for me to start a screen recorder during init or capture the logs that it prints as a text file I'd be happy to do that, I just don't know of a way to.

On Jan 9, 2019 11:08, "Danny Milosavljevic" <address@hidden> wrote:

apparently the message is printed by fsck.fat and is harmless (although we should
still fix it).  Are you sure that the services fail because of it?

>   (file-systems (cons*
>                   (file-system
>                     (device (file-system-label "ESP"))
>                     (mount-point "/boot/efi")
>                     (type "fat")

Try adding (check? #f) here for testing purposes.

>                   )

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