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bug#27206: Fish: figure out a solution for the vendor path extension to

From: Meiyo Peng
Subject: bug#27206: Fish: figure out a solution for the vendor path extension to fish
Date: Mon, 07 Jan 2019 11:45:50 +0800


> Fish doesn't pick up stuff like 'fish-guix' from store
> without modifications to the path where fish searches
> for vendor or sysadmin installed systemwide 'things'
> for fish.

I found this old thread after submitting patch #34003.  I think that
patch has probably solved your problem.

I submitted patch #34003 to update fish to 3.0.0.  In that patch, I
enabled fish to add user's and system's profiles to __extra_* variables.
So now fish can load completions and functions from user's and system's

$fish_complete_path and $fish_function_path become this on my computer:

   ~  echo $fish_complete_path | tr ' ' '\n'

   ~  echo $fish_function_path | tr ' ' '\n'

We can then install fish completions and functions into either user's or
system's profile.  And fish will happily load them.

For example, youtube-dl provides a fish completion:

  └── completions
      └── youtube-dl.fish

After installing youtube-dl into my user profile, youtube-dl command
completion works in fish:

   ~  youtube-dl --<Hit TAB>
  --abort-on-error  (Abort downloading of further videos…)
  --abort-on-unavailable-fragment  (Abort downloading wh…)
  --add-header  (Specify a custom HTTP header and its va…)
  --add-metadata        (Write metadata to the video file)
  …and 159 more rows

youtube-dl is now in my user profile:

  └── completions
      └── youtube-dl.fish

> I have many more fish packages in a branch which
> I want to get into guix, but they are stuck because
> of this. Help welcome, otherwise I'll promise to
> fix it one day.

You can share your packages with us now!

Meiyo Peng

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