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bug#31085: Unexpected behaviour when running `guix build lilypond'

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: bug#31085: Unexpected behaviour when running `guix build lilypond'
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2018 15:26:24 +0200
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Diego Nicola Barbato <address@hidden> skribis:

> address@hidden (Ludovic Courtès) writes:
>> Hello,
>> Diego Nicola Barbato <address@hidden> skribis:
>>> I have experienced some unexpected behaviour when running `guix build
>>> lilypond':
>>> After verifying that there was a substitute available with `guix weather
>>> -m m.scm' (Where m.scm evaluates to a manifest containing only lilypond)
>>> I ran `guix build lilypond --dry-run' which claimed that a substitute
>>> would be downloaded.  I then ran `guix build lilypond' which proceeded
>>> to build lilypond from source (instead of downloading the substitute).
>>> Upon explaining this on IRC it was suggested that I try running `guix
>>> build --no-grafts lilypond' (which actually downloaded the substitute)
>>> then deleting the locally built lilypond with `guix gc --delete
>>> /gnu/store/...' and finally running `guix build lilypond' again (which,
>>> this time, grafted the substituted lilypond instead of building it from
>>> source again).  While this fixed the issue I was told that this
>>> behaviour was indeed unexpected.
>> We’d have to see if this is still reproducible, but I have a plausible
>> explanation.
> I can consistently reproduce this in a VM with the following steps:
> First I run:
>  $ qemu-system-x86_64 -enable-kvm -snapshot -m 4G $(guix system vm-image 
> bare-bones.scm --image-size=8G)
> (Where bare-bones.scm is the bare-bones.tmpl after replacing /dev/sdX
> with /dev/sda.)
> Then after logging in as root:
>  # guix pull --commit=872bda5de52a8f0514230ebc4e9680aab74f509a
>  # guix build --dry-run lilypond
> Which returns:
> 52.1 MB would be downloaded:
>    /gnu/store/0amx7bcbs518lkqwfh2azmqrp2yqib0g-lilypond-2.19.80
>    /gnu/store/7b5ykfl6jbrdl8j7xp630fga4as3234z-ghostscript-9.22
>    /gnu/store/j4vj7h3wyb532g2j0axzjj43z2a0dg81-python-2.7.14
>    /gnu/store/k2ak44m0miind785x22mmpbcwi0mq7hq-freetype-2.8.1
>    /gnu/store/mkhfqx7m7pniyic0kh0lnafmajymn4dr-guile-1.8.8
>    /gnu/store/pwbx5fhjrq9crr1c0d2x08ch0l6vr3cv-pango-1.40.14
>    /gnu/store/qm8ri32n0rkh749v3jb3x8s8ksjl7yd3-fontconfig-2.12.6
>    /gnu/store/sm37m59gq3smxxz8gs4jikn50qg0g7xh-glib-2.54.2
> Then:
>  # guix build lilypond
> Which, after downloading the dependencies, starts to build lilypond from
> source.

I could reproduce it.  This is fixed by commit

The story is quite surprising: the ‘font-tex-gyre’ packages uses
‘url-fetch/zipbomb’.  ‘url-fetch/zipbomb’ refers to unzip to do its
job.  With grafts enabled, ‘url-fetch/zipbomb’ would use a grafted
unzip, leading to a different /gnu/store/…-tg-2.005otf.zip than when
grafts are disabled.

Consequently, the base lilypond.drv would already depend on whether or
not grafts are enabled.  When grafts are enabled, you would end up
having to build a lilypond that’s different from what “guix build
lilypond --no-grafts” builds because of this.

I hope this explanation makes any sense but anyway, it’s fixed now.  :-)


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