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bug#31187: core-updates: url-fetch/tarbomb, url-fetch/zipbomb fail with

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: bug#31187: core-updates: url-fetch/tarbomb, url-fetch/zipbomb fail with "unbound variable: invoke"
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2018 17:27:44 -0400
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Mark H Weaver wrote:

> (1) This bug is not listed on <https://bugs.gnu.org/guix>, although
>     <https://bugs.gnu.org/31187> shows it as an open bug for Guix.

There was a problem with the pagination. It's (now) on page 2.

> (2) The original bug report was never delivered to me, although I'm
>     subscribed to <address@hidden>.  If Eric hadn't CC'd me on his
>     original submission, I might not have seen it. 

I would guess that you are subscribed to bug-guix with the "filter out
duplicates" Mailman option, so it is precisely because you were cc'd
that you did not get the mailing list copy (with the bug number).

> I was unable to find out the bug number until I asked Eric directly,
> so unfortunately the commit does not reference the bug number.

(You could have searched for the bug by subject?)

If Eric had used X-Debbugs-CC instead of Cc in the initial report, the
mail you got would have included the bug number in the subject.
I believe this is well documented (eg on the "how to report a bug"
section on https://debbugs.gnu.org/).

> I've reported these problems to the FSF sysadmins, and I'd like to give
> them an opportunity to diagnose the problem before we change the status
> of this bug.

The FSF sysadmins don't maintain debbugs.gnu.org, so the help-debbugs
list would have been better. I (debbugs.gnu.org maintainer) happened to
see your mail although I don't normally read bug-guix.

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