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Preparing for an alpha release

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Preparing for an alpha release
Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2012 17:56:36 +0100
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Hello Guixers!

ROADMAP says Guix 0.1 will be released in December.  Given that I’ll be
on vacation starting from next week, and that there are still some
glitches that seem worth fixing, ROADMAP may well be wrong.  ;-)

Roughly, here’s what I’d like to fix before the release:

  • things related to guix-daemon, such as Andreas’ problem with build

  • things related to command-line tools, such as options documented and
    not implemented in ‘guix-package’;

  • use on non-NixOS distros; in particular, it would be great if we
    everything can be built in chroots lacking /bin/sh.

Anything else?

With this in mind, we should be able to release by mid-January.

It’s an alpha release, and there’ll be some features missing compared to
Nix.  For instance, the daemon will not support substituters (the
mechanism that allows it to get pre-built binaries from the build farm).
Yet I think it’s already a useful piece of software, and it gives a good
idea of where the project is heading to.



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