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From: Stefan Israelsson Tampe
Subject: bug#60170:
Date: Sun, 18 Dec 2022 00:26:35 +0100

Putting this program in q.scm

(lambda ()
(let* ((tag (list 'let/ec)))
    (lambda ()
      (let lp ()
        (call-with-values h
          (let ()
            (define (g a b)
              (let ((kk (nm a u v)))
                  ((equal? kk _filename)
                   (let ((tmp (pylist-ref modules a)))
                      (apply abort tag tmp '())))
                  ((equal? (end kk) _filename)
                   (let ((tmp (pylist-ref modules a)))
                      (apply abort tag tmp '())))))

            (define f
                ((a b)
                 (g a b))

                ((a b . y)
                 (g a b))))


    (lambda (xx . results) (apply values results)))))

Results in the warning
forgot to emit definition instructions?

Using the below version of f works without the warning, 

   slusk = (lambda (g . x) (apply g x)) 

non inlined in:
            (define f
                ((a b)
                 (g a b))

                ((a b . y)
                 (slusk g a b))))

Tested in v3.0.8 and main dec 18 2022

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