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[bug-gtypist] A "compete" mode [was: Crash in Long QWERTY course in less

From: Tim Marston
Subject: [bug-gtypist] A "compete" mode [was: Crash in Long QWERTY course in lesson R5]
Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2013 21:20:40 +0100
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Hi Andreas,

On 19/08/13 15:58, Andreas From wrote:
> What about several users? When doing 'man gtypist' you typically would
> want to have a user option as well if you'd have some 'compete' mode or
> whatever where you could play against others that you know or that are
> in your family. When doing this on a shared computer resource I presume
> you'd have to separate into user accounts. Though even here in many
> families, you'd have one account that all members use -- especially if
> having children this would be a pretty common case I think.

We're planning to add a GUI interface sometime in the future as well
(still maintaining the CLI client, of course).  So this issue will
likely become an even more common problem.

How could you handle this, though?  Each individual user would need
their own name and notification configuration (e.g., email addresses to
send to, etc).  In "compete mode", when you started gtypist, would you
be presented with a pop-up asking you to choose the current user profile
(or create one)?

This is certainly an interesting idea.

Tim Marston

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