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[bug-gsrc] Re: autoconf-2.66 successfully installed on fencepost

From: Brian Gough
Subject: [bug-gsrc] Re: autoconf-2.66 successfully installed on fencepost
Date: Wed, 04 Aug 2010 21:09:18 +0100
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At Wed, 04 Aug 2010 07:16:39 -0600,
Eric Blake wrote:
> [1  <text/plain; ISO-8859-1 (quoted-printable)>]
> On 08/04/2010 05:53 AM, Brian Gough wrote:
> > Congratulations, your package autoconf-2.66 has been successfully
> > installed on fencepost.gnu.org under /gd/gnu/gnusys/live.
> > Please report any problems with the GSRC definition for your package
> > to address@hidden
> >
> Autoconf 2.66 has some regressions that break, among other things,
> running autoconf on the gcc project.  Can we instead get 2.67 installed,
> to avoid running into those regressions?

Thanks for pointing that out, now done.  I had got the update and
install out of order so the older version was reinstalled instead of
the latest.

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