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Re: [Bug-gsl] msadams.c:973 aborts with GSL_ESANITY

From: Michael Kaufman
Subject: Re: [Bug-gsl] msadams.c:973 aborts with GSL_ESANITY
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2017 14:11:44 -0400
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On 10/5/17 11:51 AM, Tuomo Keskitalo wrote:

On 03.10.2017 16:39, Michael Kaufman wrote:
The msadams solver apparently requires a driver?

Yes it does. It it easiest to d=driver_alloc_...() and then evolve_apply(d->e, d->c, ...) in a loop, like in the manual example.

below is the step where the trip happens:

t:5111.33 count:2 failed:1
t:5111.34 count:3 failed:1
t:5111.35 count:4 failed:1
t:5111.35 count:5 failed:1
t:5111.37 count:6 failed:1
t:5111.45 count:7 failed:1
t:5111.68 count:8 failed:1
t:5111.90 count:9 failed:1
t:5112.13 count:10 failed:1
t:5112.35 count:11 failed:1
t:5112.58 count:12 failed:1
t:5112.80 count:13 failed:1
t:5113.05 count:14 failed:1
t:5113.66 count:15 failed:1
t:5114.33 count:16 failed:1
t:5114.54 count:18 failed:2
t:5114.72 count:20 failed:3
t:5114.86 count:23 failed:5
t:5114.94 count:27 failed:8
t:5115.01 count:28 failed:8
t:5115.06 count:30 failed:9
t:5115.11 count:31 failed:9
t:5115.16 count:32 failed:9
t:5115.21 count:33 failed:9
t:5115.32 count:34 failed:9
t:5115.41 count:36 failed:10
t:5115.49 count:37 failed:10
t:5115.60 count:38 failed:10
t:5115.71 count:39 failed:10
t:5115.82 count:40 failed:10
t:5115.96 count:41 failed:10
t:5116.00 count:43 failed:11
t:5116.02 count:46 failed:13
t:5116.04 count:48 failed:14
t:5116.05 count:50 failed:15
t:5116.06 count:52 failed:16
t:5116.07 count:53 failed:16
t:5116.08 count:54 failed:16
t:5116.13 count:55 failed:16
t:5116.26 count:56 failed:16
-- order change -2
t:5116.26 count:63 failed:22
t:5116.27 count:64 failed:22
t:5116.27 count:65 failed:22
t:5116.27 count:66 failed:22
t:5116.28 count:67 failed:22
t:5116.29 count:68 failed:22
t:5116.29 count:69 failed:22
t:5116.30 count:70 failed:22
t:5116.31 count:71 failed:22
t:5116.32 count:72 failed:22
t:5116.32 count:73 failed:22


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