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[Bug-gsl] GSL installation error: Mathieu functions

From: Klarenberg,Geraldine
Subject: [Bug-gsl] GSL installation error: Mathieu functions
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 2015 18:31:25 +0000


I tried installing GSL. I have a MacBook Pro (late 2011) running Yosemite 
(10.10.3), with GCC 4.9.2. 20141029 (prerelease). Installed in usr/local/bin, I 
generally never change standard settings.

I’m no programming expert, I just need GSL to make an R package work. When I do 
“make check”, I get an error which tells me to check specfunc/test-suite.log
This seems to tell me there’s an error with the Mathieu functions, but all it 
says is

"value/expected not consistent within reported error
  value not within tolerance of expected value”

When I do "make -k check”, it seems this is the only error. However, I am not 
sure how to solve this issue?

I have attached the log.txt file generated during make check, and the 
test-suit.log file.


Geraldine Klarenberg (MSc)
President - ABE Graduate Student Organization
Co-President - PhDMoms
Graduate Research Assistant / PhD Candidate
Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering
University of Florida
Frazier-Rogers Hall, 284
Email: address@hidden<mailto:address@hidden>
Tel: 352-392-1864 x284

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