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[Bug-gsl] bugs when using gsl_sf_hyperg_U

From: Feng Gao
Subject: [Bug-gsl] bugs when using gsl_sf_hyperg_U
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2014 19:53:32 -0400


I have been using the gsl_sf_hyperg_U function for a while and I found
several bugs when calculating normal values. For example,

1) gsl_sf_hyperg_U(1, -500, 0.1) gives incorrect value: 9.3246e+03, which
actually should be around 0.19.

2) Many domain error bugs. For example, gsl_sf_hyperg_U(1, -6.67, 1) should
have value ~0.128 but will invoke domain error for gsl.

Hope that you can further investigate this and come up with solutions.

Best Regards,


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