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[Bug-gsl] Small bug (without consequence) in gsl-1.9

From: Christophe Leblanc
Subject: [Bug-gsl] Small bug (without consequence) in gsl-1.9
Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2012 12:37:27 +0100

Dear GSL-developpers,

First of all, as a former student in physics I wish to thank you for
developping such a usefull tool as the gsl.

As I am trying to adapt your source-code to a free-windows compiler -
namely wxDev-C++ (http://wxdsgn.sourceforge.net) - I noticed a small
compilation error occurs in the gsl-1.9 version.
More precisely there is a missing semicolon (';') in file:

gsl-1.9/ieee-utils/fp-gnuc99.c - end of line 178.

However, this line is never reached at compilation time because the file:

gsl-1.9/ieee-utils/fp.c - line 37

to be defined, before calling fp-gnuc99.c

I think this last line should be replaced be something like "#elif
HAVE_GNUC99_IEEE_INTERFACE" to be more coherent with the previous lines in

I hope this helped you to maintain your code.


Christophe Leblanc.

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