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Re: [Bug-gsl] Bug-gsl Digest, Vol 101, Issue 7

From: James Ward
Subject: Re: [Bug-gsl] Bug-gsl Digest, Vol 101, Issue 7
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2011 15:09:20 -0400

If you are replacing square roots, you could also do:

Replace with M_SQRT2:

./sum/test.c:       I=(1-sqrt(2))zeta(1/2)
./integration/test.c:    pts[2] = sqrt(2.0);
./specfunc/mathieu_angfunc.c:          norm = sqrt(2.0);
./specfunc/mathieu_angfunc.c:              norm = sqrt(2.0);
./doc/examples/diff.c:  printf ("exact = %.10f\n\n", 1.5 * sqrt(2.0));

Replace with M_SQRT3:

./ode-initval/rk4imp.c:     they are: b=[0.5 0.5] c=[(3-sqrt(3))/6
./ode-initval/rk4imp.c:     a11=1/4, a12=(3-2*sqrt(3))/12,
a21=(3+2*sqrt(3))/12 and a22=1/4
./specfunc/test_sf.c:            (10.0 * sqrt(3) / 2.0), TEST_TOL0,
./specfunc/test_sf.c:            (10.0 * (-sqrt(3.0)/2.0)), TEST_TOL1,
./specfunc/synchrotron.c:       is  S1(x) =
((4pi)/(sqrt(3)gamma(1/3))) * (x/2)^(1/3)
./specfunc/synchrotron.c:       is  S2(x) =
((2pi)/(sqrt(3)*gamma(1/3))) * (x/2)^(1/3)

Best wishes,

Jim Ward

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