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[Bug-gsl] Hydra job gnu:gsl-master:manual build 239439 FAILED

From: Hydra Build Daemon
Subject: [Bug-gsl] Hydra job gnu:gsl-master:manual build 239439 FAILED
Date: Mon, 18 Jan 2010 18:34:51 +0100


This is to let you know that Hydra build239439 of job gnu:gsl-master:manual has 
changed from SUCCEEDED to FAILED.

Complete build information can be found on this page: 

The last 50 lines of the build log are shown at the bottom of this email.

A summary of the build information follows:

Build ID:              | 239439
Nix name:              | gsl-manual-1.13.19
Short description:     | Native Nix build on x86_64-linux
Maintainer(s):         | address@hidden
System:                | x86_64-linux
Derivation store path: | 
Output store path:     | 
Time added:            | 2010-01-18 18:34:51
Build started:         | 2010-01-18 18:32:50
Build finished:        | 2010-01-18 18:34:51
Duration:              | 121s

The build inputs were:

Name        | Type  | Value
hydraConfig | svn   | 
nixpkgs     | svn   | https://svn.nixos.org/repos/nix/nixpkgs/trunk:19527
tarball     | build | 239399


The Hydra build daemon.

        else \

          if test ! -d gsl-ref.htp && test -d gsl-ref; then \

            rm -rf gsl-ref; else rm -Rf gsl-ref.htp gsl-ref.html; fi; \

          exit 1; \


building gsl-ref.dvi


 --run makeinfo   -I .' \

        texi2dvi gsl-ref.texi

This is pdfTeXk, Version 3.141592-1.40.3 (Web2C 7.5.6)

 file:line:error style messages enabled.

entering extended mode

(./gsl-ref.texi (./texinfo.tex Loading texinfo [version 2009-08-14.15]: pdf,

fonts, markup, glyphs, page headings, tables, conditionals, indexing,

sectioning, toc, environments, defuns, macros, cross references, insertions,



This is `epsf.tex' v2.7.3 <23 July 2005>

) localization, formatting, and turning on texinfo input format.)

(./version.texi) [1] [2] [-1] Chapter 1 (./intro.texi [1]

Cross reference values unknown; you must run TeX again.

./intro.texi:103: Argument of @asis has an extra }.

<inserted text> 


<to be read again> 


@doitemize address@hidden 0 = @hbox address@hidden }

                                                  @ifx @itemcontents @empty ...

l.103 @itemize @asis



./intro.texi:103: Emergency stop.

<inserted text> 


<to be read again> 


@doitemize address@hidden 0 = @hbox address@hidden }

                                                  @ifx @itemcontents @empty ...

l.103 @itemize @asis


Output written on gsl-ref.dvi (4 pages, 6236 bytes).

Transcript written on gsl-ref.log.

/nix/store/p53xi5ngv7jighcpgfc4dy6v2w7cxjcp-texinfo-4.13a/bin/texi2dvi: etex 
exited with bad status, quitting.

make: *** [gsl-ref.dvi] Error 1

make: Leaving directory 

build time elapsed:  0m0.017s 0m0.006s 0m4.375s 0m3.370s

builder for 
`/nix/store/43lv3jpg150cigqk33csgxpg98w9f6rd-gsl-manual-1.13.19.drv' failed 
with exit code 2

error: build of 
`/nix/store/43lv3jpg150cigqk33csgxpg98w9f6rd-gsl-manual-1.13.19.drv' failed

Connection to stan closed.

build of `/nix/store/43lv3jpg150cigqk33csgxpg98w9f6rd-gsl-manual-1.13.19.drv' 
on address@hidden' failed with exit code 256

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