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[Bug-gsl] manual error?

From: Itaru ISHIKAWA
Subject: [Bug-gsl] manual error?
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 2009 17:30:49 +0900

I uses GSL recently, and be helped by this library.
Thank you very much.

There are some points which I think it is unnatural or mistaken
in GSL manual, so I report these.

In "35.9 Examples" section of "Multidimensional Minimization" chapter,
I think it is natural if
  my_func.params = ∥
    ->  my_func.params = par;
  minex_func.params = (void *)&par
    -> minex_func.params = (void *)par

According to GSL_MULTIMIN_FN_EVAL definition in "gsl_multimin.h" and
my_f() definition in "35.4 Providing a function to minimize",
I think the corrected expression are more natural.

I am sorry if I call correct examples as mistakes.

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