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[Bug-gsl] alternatives to gsl_rng_fwrite

From: Brian Austin
Subject: [Bug-gsl] alternatives to gsl_rng_fwrite
Date: Fri, 6 Mar 2009 13:00:45 -0800


I'd like to request an alternative to the gsl_rng_fwrite mechanism for
storing the rng state.
There are two aspects that I'd would like to change.

1. Write the rng state in a non-binary format so that I can read it on
a different computer from where I wrote it.

2. Write the rng state to a string instead of a file.
This will give user more freedom to format the file.
For example, I'd like to store a set of rng states in the nodes of an xml file.

What are your opinions about this proposal?
I will volunteer to code these if you agree that these are valuable additions.


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