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[Bug-gsl] array, vector indices out-of-bounds in "linalg/bidiag.c"

From: Kort Travis
Subject: [Bug-gsl] array, vector indices out-of-bounds in "linalg/bidiag.c"
Date: Sun, 20 Apr 2008 00:37:31 -0500
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In porting the code in gsl-1.11 "linalg/bidiag.c" to work with complex matrices 
I found the following array/vector indices will most definitely be out-of-bounds when 

linalg/bidiag.c:  lines 308-317:

     for (j = N; j > 0 && j--;)
         /* Householder column transformation to accumulate U */
         double tj = gsl_vector_get (tau_U, j);
         double Ajj = gsl_matrix_get (A, j, j);
         gsl_matrix_view m = gsl_matrix_submatrix (A, j, j, M-j, N-j);

         gsl_vector_set (tau_U, j, Ajj);
         gsl_linalg_householder_hm1 (tj, &m.matrix);

Note here that the _size_ of matrix A is M x N, with M >= N, and the _size_ of 
vector tau_U is min(M,N).

Almost certainly the index of the for loop should read:

"for (j = N-1; j > 0 && j--;)".

I hope that this can help the maintainers of this section!  Unfortunately, at 
this point I work exclusively in C++, otherwise I would definitely offer more 
help to this project.


Kort Travis

Biomedical Optics and Nanodiagnostics
Sokolov research group, ENS 30

Department of Physics, RLM 5.208
University of Texas at Austin
Austin, TX 78712

email:   address@hidden

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