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[Bug-gsl] Feature request for ODE integrators

From: Kostrun, Marijan
Subject: [Bug-gsl] Feature request for ODE integrators
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2006 11:03:38 -0400

To whom it concerns,

this is to request the following feature in ODE integrators library:

The integrator works so that user supplies a double array which contains
the current result of integration.
However, when as the result of calculation in user supplied function NaN
occurs, some of the values in the double array become NaN's themselves,
the integrator reports an error code (or just keeps propagating NaN's
till the end of the integration time).
What I need is this: I want the integration to stop when NaN occurs, by
signaling appropriate error code (cannot continue or something similar),
and the current result of integration should contain the last valid
result of integration,
while the time pointer should contain respective time.

This is not hard to code, one just needs to keep track of two last
results of integration and a counter i of steps
where mod(i,2) points to the current result while !mod(i,2) is the
pointer to the previous result.

Marijan Kostrun


Dr. Marijan Kostrun
OSRAM-Sylvania Lighting Research Center
71 Cherry Hill Dr.
Beverly, MA 01915

Tel. (978) 750-1561
e-mail: address@hidden



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