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[Bug-gsl] Visual Studio build files for GSL

From: Albert Strasheim
Subject: [Bug-gsl] Visual Studio build files for GSL
Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2006 10:49:35 +0200
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Hello all

I've put together a script that creates Visual Studio 8 project files 
for GSL by converting from the Makefile.am's included with the project.

Some people might prefer this to building with MinGW. It might be 
worth investigating whether some of the differences that occur between 
the test suite results on MinGW and "Unix" GCC also crop up when 
building with the Visual Studio compiler.

The generated files build static libraries and DLLs for gsl and 
gslcblas and also builds all the tests. Quite a few of them fail, which 
is something I hope to investigate soon.

Grab the script here:


Run it as follows:

unzip gsl-1_7-msvc.zip
mv gsl-1_7-msvc gsl-1.7/win32
cd gsl/win32
python am2vcpp2k5.py ..

Load up gsl.sln and off you go.

If you don't have Visual Studio 8, you can download Visual C++ Express 
2005 for free from Microsoft. The files might also work with Visual 
Studio .NET or .NET 2003 (AKA 7.0 and 7.1) with minor modifications.




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