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[Bug-gsl] typo in ieee-utils/fp-darwin.c ?

From: François-Xavier Coudert
Subject: [Bug-gsl] typo in ieee-utils/fp-darwin.c ?
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2005 11:46:05 +0200

Hi gsl developers,

I'm working on IEEE exceptions support in gfortran (the new GNU
Fortran compiler), and I was looking at the IEEE code for ppc-darwin
in gsl-1.7. I was puzzled by the following piece of code:

  if (exception_mask & GSL_IEEE_TRAP_INEXACT)
      fp_scr.xe = 1 ;                           //xe bit:  inexact
exception enable
      fp_scr.xe = 1 ;

I think this is a typo (the second case should be "fp_scr.xe = 0").


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