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[Bug-gsl] Figures in the PS document Chap19

From: ytsunesada
Subject: [Bug-gsl] Figures in the PS document Chap19
Date: Wed, 6 Oct 2004 18:44:49 +0900


  There are some curve-caption inconsistencies in the figures 
displayed in Chapter 19 'Random number distributions' of the 
GSL documentation (PS version). I think these are not because 
of bugs in the library, just wrongly captioned. 

  Page 198: 
        19.7 "Exponential power distribution", 
             There are two curves shown, and the broken-line 
                 is drawn as of the parameters "a = 2, b = 0.5". 
                 This does not look so, maybe a ~ 1.

  Page 210: 
        19.18 "F-distribution",

                  The broken-line curve is captioned as
                  "nu1 = 1, nu2 = 2", but nu1 may not be 1.


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