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[Bug-gsl] misleading web page?

From: David Jung
Subject: [Bug-gsl] misleading web page?
Date: Tue, 11 May 2004 15:02:17 -0400
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Hi. Just a comment about your GSL web page ( http://www.gnu.org/software/gsl/ ).
It says:
"Do you ever make exceptions to allow GSL to be redistributed in proprietary software?

No, sorry.

The bottom line for commercial users:

   GSL can be used internally ("in-house") without restriction, but not
   redistributed in proprietary software.

If your business involves developing and selling proprietary software then GSL will not be suitable for you."

Surley this is incorrect. My (non legal) understanding of the GPL is that it only has a few requirements, such as the requirement to make the source available for free (or for a reasonable distribution fee). Surley that doesn't preclude people from selling proprietary software that includes the GSL as long as they make the source of their entire system available for free under the GPL?
Am I missing / misinterpreting something here?
It looks like you're equating proprietary with closed-source??
If my interpretation is correct, perhaps you'd consider making that point more clear on your web page so as not to discourage commercial developers that aren't familiar
with the GPL from using GSL or other GPL'd software in general.
-David Jung.

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