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[Bug-gsl] documentation on physical constants

From: Manoj Rajagopalan
Subject: [Bug-gsl] documentation on physical constants
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2004 15:32:35 -0500
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context diff for doc/const.texi

filename: const.texi.diff (attached)

GSL version: 1.4
Source Obtained from: http://sources.redhat.com/gsl/ (one of the mirrors there, forgot which)

Platform: Red Hat Linux 9.0, kernel 2.4.20-28.9, Intel P4 mobile (laptop) @ 1.7GHz

Description: document failed to mention definitions of Planck's constant h and \hbar. The section defining constants for cookery (tablespoons) etc is still commented out although gsl_const_????.h still define them.
*** const.texi  2004-02-26 15:10:57.000000000 -0500
--- const.texi.new      2004-02-26 15:12:17.000000000 -0500
*** 54,65 ****
  The permittivity of free space, @math{\epsilon_0}.
- Planck's constant, @math{h}.
- Planck's constant divided by address@hidden, @math{\hbar}.
  Avogadro's number, @math{N_a}.
--- 54,59 ----

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