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[Bug-gsl] gsl 1.3 on linux RH7.3 with icc 7.1 still call gcc

Subject: [Bug-gsl] gsl 1.3 on linux RH7.3 with icc 7.1 still call gcc
Date: Fri, 16 May 2003 18:16:12 +0200
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I am trying to compile GSL 1.3 on linux RH7.3 with icc 7.1 (intel compiler)
Here is page of icc:

I tried to affect CC as icc in the environment, but it's not taken
into account in the process (configure and make).

So I lauched normally configure and then, "make" with:
make -e CC=icc -e LD=icc

but there are still 2 lines with gcc invoked, as you can see in this file:
Here are the 2 lines:

gcc -shared sasum.lo saxpy.lo scasum.lo scnrm2.lo scopy.lo sdot.lo sdsdot.lo sgbmv.lo sgemm.lo sgemv.lo sger.lo snrm2.lo srot.lo srotg.lo srotm.lo srotmg.lo ssbmv.lo sscal.lo sspmv.lo sspr.lo sspr2.lo sswap.lo ssymm.lo ssymv.lo ssyr.lo ssyr2.lo ssyr2k.lo ssyrk.lo stbmv.lo stbsv.lo stpmv.lo stpsv.lo strmm.lo strmv.lo strsm.lo strsv.lo dasum.lo daxpy.lo dcopy.lo ddot.lo dgbmv.lo dgemm.lo dgemv.lo dger.lo dnrm2.lo drot.lo drotg.lo drotm.lo drotmg.lo dsbmv.lo dscal.lo dsdot.lo dspmv.lo dspr.lo dspr2.lo dswap.lo dsymm.lo dsymv.lo dsyr.lo dsyr2.lo dsyr2k.lo dsyrk.lo dtbmv.lo dtbsv.lo dtpmv.lo dtpsv.lo dtrmm.lo dtrmv.lo dtrsm.lo dtrsv.lo dzasum.lo dznrm2.lo caxpy.lo ccopy.lo cdotc_sub.lo cdotu_sub.lo cgbmv.lo cgemm.lo cgemv.lo cgerc.lo cgeru.lo chbmv.lo chemm.lo chemv.lo cher.lo cher2.lo cher2k.lo cherk.lo chpmv.lo chpr.lo chpr2.lo cscal.lo csscal.lo cswap.lo csymm.lo csyr2k.lo csyrk.lo ctbmv.lo ctbsv.lo ctpmv.lo ctpsv.lo ctrmm.lo ctrmv.lo ctrsm.lo ctrsv.lo zaxpy.lo zcopy.lo zdotc_sub.lo zdotu_sub.lo zdscal.lo zgbmv.lo zgemm.lo zgemv.lo zgerc.lo zgeru.lo zhbmv.lo zhemm.lo zhemv.lo zher.lo zher2.lo zher2k.lo zherk.lo zhpmv.lo zhpr.lo zhpr2.lo zscal.lo zswap.lo zsymm.lo zsyr2k.lo zsyrk.lo ztbmv.lo ztbsv.lo ztpmv.lo ztpsv.lo ztrmm.lo ztrmv.lo ztrsm.lo ztrsv.lo icamax.lo idamax.lo isamax.lo izamax.lo xerbla.lo -lm -Wl,-soname -Wl,libgslcblas.so.0 -o .libs/libgslcblas.so.0.0.0


gcc -shared version.lo -Wl,--whole-archive block/.libs/libgslblock.al blas/.libs/libgslblas.al complex/.libs/libgslcomplex.al cheb/.libs/libgslcheb.al dht/.libs/libgsldht.al diff/.libs/libgsldiff.al eigen/.libs/libgsleigen.al err/.libs/libgslerr.al fft/.libs/libgslfft.al fit/.libs/libgslfit.al histogram/.libs/libgslhistogram.al ieee-utils/.libs/libgslieeeutils.al integration/.libs/libgslintegration.al interpolation/.libs/libgslinterpolation.al linalg/.libs/libgsllinalg.al matrix/.libs/libgslmatrix.al min/.libs/libgslmin.al monte/.libs/libgslmonte.al multifit/.libs/libgslmultifit.al multimin/.libs/libgslmultimin.al multiroots/.libs/libgslmultiroots.al ntuple/.libs/libgslntuple.al ode-initval/.libs/libgslodeiv.al permutation/.libs/libgslpermutation.al combination/.libs/libgslcombination.al poly/.libs/libgslpoly.al qrng/.libs/libgslqrng.al randist/.libs/libgslrandist.al rng/.libs/libgslrng.al roots/.libs/libgslroots.al siman/.libs/libgslsiman.al sort/.libs/libgslsort.al specfunc/.libs/libgslspecfunc.al statistics/.libs/libgslstatistics.al sum/.libs/libgslsum.al sys/.libs/libgslsys.al test/.libs/libgsltest.al utils/.libs/libutils.al vector/.libs/libgslvector.al -Wl,--no-whole-archive -lm -Wl,-soname -Wl,libgsl.so.0 -o .libs/libgsl.so.0.4.0

It seems they are hardcoded but I didn't find them.

Is there a workaround to force icc?
In the next release, could it be possible to invoke icc in a more elegant way 
./configure --CC=icc for example?

Eric Poinsignon         (address@hidden)  Bldg 32,R-B02
LCG - AppArea - LCG Software Process & Infrastructure
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