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Re: [Bug-gsl]compilation bug when using the `gsl_vector_complex_sub' fun

From: Brian Gough
Subject: Re: [Bug-gsl]compilation bug when using the `gsl_vector_complex_sub' function
Date: Fri, 24 Jan 2003 20:51:55 +0000

van den Bosch writes:
 > Hello,
 > I'm using the GSL since several months and there is a problem that I can't 
 > solve when linking the program to the libraries:
 > address@hidden tests]$ gcc -c test_bidon.c
 > address@hidden tests]$ gcc test_bidon.o -lgsl -lgslcblas -lm
 > test_bidon.o: In function `main':
 > test_bidon.o(.text+0x23e): undefined reference to `gsl_vector_complex_sub'
 > test_bidon.o(.text+0x26a): undefined reference to `gsl_vector_complex_scale'
 > collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
 > address@hidden tests]$
 > However, as you can see in the program 'test_bidon.c' attached, the matrix 
 > versions of these functions don't cause any problem. Do you have any clue of 
 > what's happening? Thanks for your help,

Thanks for the bug report.  The functions have only been written for
real variables.  If you can send complex versions I'll add them.

Brian Gough

Network Theory Ltd            Phone: 0117 3179309 (+44 117 3179309)
15 Royal Park                   WWW: http://www.network-theory.co.uk/
Bristol BS8 3AL               Email: address@hidden     
United Kingdom                

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