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[Bug-gsl]Bug report

From: Anthony RABINE
Subject: [Bug-gsl]Bug report
Date: Thu, 9 Jan 2003 18:44:05 +0100


Just a little bug report. I don't know if it is a real bug from GSL or
an error with my compiler configuration.

I use GSL with Visual C++ 6.0 and the QT library from Trolltech
(without the library, I haven't any bug).
There is some errors during the compil, all in "gsl_precision.h". Here
is an example :

error C2201: 'gsl_prec_eps' : must have external linkage in order to be 
error C2734: 'gsl_prec_eps' : const object must be initialized if not extern
error C2133: 'gsl_prec_eps' : unknown size

Here is my Patch.
I replaced :

GSL_VAR const double gsl_prec_eps[];


extern GSL_VAR const double gsl_prec_eps[];

And that's good. I applied the same patch with the others constants :

extern GSL_VAR const double gsl_prec_sqrt_eps[];
extern GSL_VAR const double gsl_prec_root3_eps[];
extern GSL_VAR const double gsl_prec_root4_eps[];
extern GSL_VAR const double gsl_prec_root5_eps[];
extern GSL_VAR const double gsl_prec_root6_eps[];

Sorry if it is not a real bug. GSL is a so great library !

Best regards,

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