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[Bug-gsl]Re: bug in taus2 random generator

From: Brian Gough
Subject: [Bug-gsl]Re: bug in taus2 random generator
Date: Mon Nov 25 14:42:03 2002

Jerome Houdayer writes:
 > Hi,
 >  As I was trying to understand what the taus random generator does,
 > I found what I think is a bug in gsl version 1.2 .
 >  In file rng/taus.c, function taus2_set, line 144:
 >   if (state->s3 < 8) state->s3 += 16UL
 >  should read
 >   if (state->s3 < 16) state->s3 += 16UL;
 >  The point is the following: if 'state->s3' is once smaller than 16
 > (and not 8) it will become 0 and stays 0 forever as the random
 > generator is used (line 96).  Moreover this would make the line
 > consistent with line 140 and 142 and with lines 111 - 122 of file
 > taus113.c

Thanks for the bug report. 
Now fixed in CVS.
best regards,

Brian Gough

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