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[Bug-gsl]Re: LU Decomposition error

From: Brian Gough
Subject: [Bug-gsl]Re: LU Decomposition error
Date: Sat Nov 16 14:18:44 2002

Peter Roche writes:
 > I hope this isn't a repeat of an already dealt with problem, but I
 > couldn't see anything in the archives. I have encountered some problems
 > with the gsl_linalg_LU_decomp rountine.  The routine ran without exiting
 > with an error message, but I found that if I multiply the decomposed
 > Lower and Upper triangular matrices I do not get the original matrix I
 > started with before decomposing.  I have included a section of my code
 > and also a section of the original matrix....

Please send a complete example program which reproduces the
problem. Thanks.

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