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[bug #59437] garbled GRUB screen on first boot

From: David Lai
Subject: [bug #59437] garbled GRUB screen on first boot
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 2020 13:53:19 -0500 (EST)
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Follow-up Comment #1, bug #59437 (project grub):

I am seeing a similar problem, It looks like grub doesnt "clear the screen"
before outputting its countdown, etc...

I can hit "Esc" to stop the countdown, but the screen is garbled because grub
is only painting the part of the screen it thinks is changed - leaving the
other stuff thats already on the screen in its place.  scrolling around the
screen using arrow keys does repaint some portions, but its still garbled. 
hitting 'e' to edit the boot line DOES repaint the screen and it shows up

Interestingly enough I can get the screen to fully repaint the menu by using
keys 'e' 'Escape' - which means: 1) goto edit mode 2) escape edit mode back to
menu.  So this can be used as a (rather obfuscated) workaround.

I would vote for adding a 'control-L' key to grub to repaint the screen in
interactive mode.  and/or adding an initial "clear screen" when grub first
starts up.

I am enclosing screen shots to further illustrate the problem.  I am seeing
this on Grub 0.97; not tested with grub2.

(file #50278, file #50279, file #50280, file #50281)

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