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RE: Changing default keyboard layout

From: Hervé Werner
Subject: RE: Changing default keyboard layout
Date: Thu, 13 Aug 2015 21:05:48 +0200

> To be sure - does it hang without at_keyboard as well?

No it doesn't with only the keymap line (but the layout is still us).

> First try to reproduce it without GUI - it is rather hard to see
> anything in this case. Just boot grub without any grub.cfg - you will be
> left in plain CLI. Now try
> insmod at_keyboard
> terminal_input at_keyboard

Hangs right after this last command.

> does it still work? If yes, try keymap /grub/layout.gkb; does it still work?
> and to be sure - could you send me your gkb file for test?

Sure you'll find it enclosed. Please also note that grub-kbdcomp is displaying the following warnings when creating the file :
Unknown keyboard scan code 0x54
Unknown keyboard scan code 0x65
Unknown keyboard scan code 0x7f

Thanks for your help.


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