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Grub misidentifies Mandriva as Ubuntu, only boots XP

From: Jeff Emmert
Subject: Grub misidentifies Mandriva as Ubuntu, only boots XP
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2008 16:07:51 -0500

I'm not sure which version of Grub I have. It came with Ubuntu 7.10
and got loaded onto the primary hard disk, hd0,0. It was doing fine
with Ubuntu by default or XP Pro by option. Then I discovered how much
cooler and already-working-out-of-the-box that Mandriva Spring 2008.1
was and replaced Ubuntu on the second hard disk. Mandriva was working
great until reboot, at which time I was still presented with either
Ubuntu or XP. Now, only XP works.

I've been reading the manuals and FAQs and community posts, but
haven't yet found a way to find the Mandriva boot info on hd1 (files
not found every time) or use it to replace the Ubuntu link in Grub on
hd0, despite trying various find/setup/install commands in Grub.

Super Grub Disk hasn't helped and I'm unable to install XOSL via DOS
versions on Ultimate Boot CD.

Without the ability to boot linux, I don't have terminal opportunities.

I hate having to reinstall Ubuntu just to have a 2nd boot.

Is there an easier way to make changes to Grub's boot options from
within XP Pro?

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