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floppy probe and option

From: bastl73
Subject: floppy probe and option
Date: Fri, 04 Apr 2008 20:07:45 +0200
User-agent: freenetMail

I installed grub-1.96 from source.
My system:
1. DOS on hd0,0 ; Suse on hd0,5, reiserfs ; P-ATA
2. Rescue Linux on hd2,0 -> boot; hd2,5 -> Knoppix, reiserfs; HPT-370 -> P-ATA
3. Development system on hd1,0 -> boot; hd1,5 -> Linux, reiserfs; HPT-370 -> 

So grub can't boot any system, does'n finde menu.lst switches to rescue mode.
grub is the same on 2. and 3. so both /boot partitions, too.
grub is setup on hd0 MBR, build and installed on/from hd1.

grub-install probes floppy and hangs if there is no FD in it.
With option --no-floppy it hangs also on probing floppy.
-> grub-probe doesn't recogniceses option -n --no-floppy.

grub-mkimage generates a boot image of about 21kB and not 512 byte


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