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[bug #19389] "partnew" Command Writes Unexpected/Errant CHS Values

From: Steve Burtchin
Subject: [bug #19389] "partnew" Command Writes Unexpected/Errant CHS Values
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2007 02:04:38 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #1, bug #19389 (project grub):

Added *ChangeLog* and attached patches in Unified Diff format for
_ChangeLog_, _/stage2/builtins.c_ and _/docs/grub.texi_.  

ChangeLog is repeated here for reference:

2007-04-11  Steve Burtchin  <address@hidden>

        * stage2/builtins.c (partnew_func): Added new variable
        "bufgeomcylinders" set equal to "buf_geom.cylinders" plus 2;
        allows for correct calculation of cylinder value when near CHS
        limit or near end of disk (for small disks).
        * stage2/builtins.c (partnew_func): Added test "if (lba <= 0)...
        ...else" and new code to handle input values (relative and total
        sectors) equal to zero; allows resetting a MPT slot to all zeroes.
        * docs/grub.texi (partnew): Added instructions to zero slot in MPT.

*Is there anything else I need to do?*

NOTE: See bug #19410: Unable to Create Logical Partition with "partnew"
Command <https://savannah.gnu.org/bugs/?19410> for diff files containing both
patches combined.

(file #12488, file #12489, file #12490)

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