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suspected typo in getting config_table address from BIOS

From: Klaus Espenlaub
Subject: suspected typo in getting config_table address from BIOS
Date: Mon, 02 Apr 2007 14:21:38 +0200
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The main code in the file stage2/asm.S (get_rom_config_table) is apparently incorrect, it calls the BIOS with AX=0x00C0. According to Ralf Brown's interrupt list, this call is identified by AH=0xC0. I spotted this because the BOCHS BIOS printed a warning message about an unimplemented BIOS function AX=00C0...

Since both the GRUB documentation on this feature and the description in Ralf Brown't interrupt list are so short, I couldn't verify whether my assumption is correct or not. Can someone (preferrably the person who wrote the code and hopefully tested it) comment on this?

Klaus Espenlaub     InnoTek Systemberatung GmbH, http://www.innotek.de

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