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old vs. new documentation report

From: Karl Berry
Subject: old vs. new documentation report
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2006 10:26:40 -0600

A user sent this report about the grub documentation to the GNU webmasters.
Passing it on for your consideration.


Date:   Mon, 30 Oct 2006 19:51:06 +0100
To:     address@hidden
From:   address@hidden


the old doc was not the best structured document but at least it was
fairly complete.

I was just trying to find some info that was in the old doc about MBR in
the new doc and became aware of how full of holes and FIXMES it is.

Why has the old doc be relegated to some off-site backwater before the new
doc is in a complete state?

In this instance I was looking for a comment on the size of MBR

At the start of the process, the BIOS loads the first block off of the
boot disk (floppy or hard drive), 512 bytes in size. This one block must
be capable of performing all the functions necessary to start up the
system, or handing off to another program. On a hard disk, at least 64
bytes are reserved for a partition table, therefore unusable.

The 64 bytes comment is now missing.

please do not remove the old version. Much of the technical section was
much more complete. It would be good to review that since I think some
good info has been praecied out.

best regards.

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