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Re: [bug #17929] Manual instructions for making boot floppy do not work

From: Uwe Dippel
Subject: Re: [bug #17929] Manual instructions for making boot floppy do not work
Date: Sun, 08 Oct 2006 10:34:38 +0800
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Ken Brooks wrote:

tells this story:

    # cd /usr/lib/grub/i386-pc
    # dd if=stage1 of=/dev/fd0 bs=512 count=1
    1+0 records in
    1+0 records out
    # dd if=stage2 of=/dev/fd0 bs=512 seek=1
    153+1 records in
    153+1 records out

Mine acts just like that, except it reports 202+1 records in and out.
That's normal. The manual is not redone whenever the size changes.

However, at boot time:

"GRUB Loading stage2.Read Error"
and then the system hangs.
This is *not* normal.
We all do as what you did and it works.

Tried on 3 different disks, including one freshly low-level formatted and
verified; thus I do not believe it is a genuine error on the disk.
Either it *is* the disk or the hardware.
May I suggest to take that disk and plug it into a few other machines ? (It doesn't do any more damage than that you have to reboot) If it boots nowhere, it's your disk (or your sources in /usr/lib/grub/ are not in good order).
If it does boot elsewhere, it's your hardware.

Keep us updated, please,


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